Woman Finds An Egg Inside Another Giant Egg

Published February 2, 2017 836,658 Views

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsNature truly is an artist. It creates the most intricate designs and combines the most uncommon colors making us admire it each and every time. It has mastered its craft throughout the millennia, getting better and better. It seems that each new attempt is a tiny bit closer to perfection.

A housewife got the shock of her life when she cracked open a huge egg to find a smaller egg inside - perfectly intact. Maria Glória de Souza, 64, collected the gigantic egg from the chicken coop in the backyard of her house in Catalao, central Brazil, after it was laid by one of her hens. The ginormous offering was triple the size of a normal egg, weighing in at 175 grams (6.5ounces).

Maria, who has been rearing chickens for over twenty years, said: "It was a super-size egg, really big. I had just taken it from underneath the chicken so it was still warm, when I realized I was holding something unusual." The phenomenon is called a counter-peristalsis contraction and occurs while the hen is in the process of forming an egg, where a second yolk is being released before the first egg forms completely.

This counter-peristalsis contraction, resulting from the premature release of a second egg cell into the oviduct, causes the first egg in the eggshell gland to reverse its course and be pushed back up to the top of the oviduct and then added to the egg cell that was just released into the oviduct.

Sounds a little complicated, but still amazing, isn’t it?

Chickens are a type of a domesticated fowl that counted as many as 19 billion heads in 2011. The true origin of this species is not yet known. Although chickens are present on all seven continents, it is believed that they originated in the region of India or in ancient Babylon. The wild fowls were originally domesticated for cockfights, but during the Hellenistic period, they started being used as food. Nowadays chickens are used for their meat and their eggs. In Ancient Egypt they were known as the animal that gives birth on a daily basis. The process of birthing is fairly quick although it is not entirely painless. The mother hens have to wait for their eggs to dry naturally before leaving them be, otherwise they might become contaminated.

Poultry farming has long been the reason for debate in modern day society. The increasing demand for chickens and eggs and the unwillingness of many farmers to invest in its development has forced chickens to live in inhumane conditions and be treated like nothing more than a part of a machine instead of living beings. Activists all around the world speak up about this atrocity, especially because we end up eating this meat, warning that the best way to stop this cruelty is to stop eating chicken products altogether.

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