The Different Species of Cannabis

LexsWorldPublished: February 1, 20173 views
Published: February 1, 2017

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What are Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis?... and is Cannabis a genus or a species? if those words sound like gibberish to you, then you need to watch this video. Marijuana is a whole category of different plants and this episode will give you the starting basics to distinguish them apart, both as a beginner grower learning the basics and as a buyer who is looking to improve his knowledge of his purchases. In my view, Cannabis is a Genus, with three Species that further break down into sub-species and variations. Since there is argument regarding what qualifies as its own 'species', you have to choose a school of thought when figuring this out. For the purposes of this video we will mash Afghanica and Kafiristanica into the Indica group but I thought they were worth mentioning anyway as emerging sub-species with potential to someday be real species themselves...I just don't feel they're there yet.

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