Mother Survives 6 Days Without Lungs Before Transplant: "I Would Have Died"

nollygrioPublished: February 1, 2017Updated: February 2, 20173,724 views
Published: February 1, 2017Updated: February 2, 2017

Melissa Benoit walks on the threadmill happy to be alive.

Just months ago, doctors performed an operation on her that they say had never been done before.

Melissa was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at a young age and, at 32-years-ol, was infected with the flu leaving her fighting for her life.

Her lungs were resistant to the medication for her recovery so doctors had to replace them.

Doctors removed both of her lungs and plugged her on machines while she waited for an organ donation.

Melissa survived on those mechines for six days, until she received a lung transplant.

Doctors say minutes after the operation, her health dramatically improved.

Now Melissa's health is better and she is back on her feet. She says the risky surgery saved her life.

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