Kid Loves Getting Into Hilarious Debates With Mom

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Published: February 1, 2017

After coming across a lost boy in a park, the Beltran family realized they had never taught their children their parents’ names – they only knew the parents as Mommy and Daddy. Once they learned the Beltrans real names, their youngest son Mateo felt a little empowered. For the most part, the parents are still Mommy and Daddy, but when Mateo is serious and wants to make sure his parents are paying attention, they quickly become Linda and Kenneth.

Apparently, Mateo and his friend Mathias were playing and Mateo did something that Mommy specifically told him not to. Mommy is yelling at Mateo for asking Grandma for a cupcake and then eating it, when Mateo says his popular “Listen, Linda, listen" phrase! He is so adorable when he is arguing with his mom!

His mother Linda is heard scolding the tot for going behind her back and asking Grandma for a cupcake, but instead of accepting defeat, Mateo answers back, even addressing his mother by her first name!

The power duo got to be guests on The Ellen Show, where Linda explains that Mateo likes to get vocal with her when he feels he has been wronged. Still, she admits that every time Mateo says “lookit" in the clip, it is because she would turn away from to laugh!

We can barely hold our own laughs, he is that good!

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      Snoops27 · 1 year ago

      Mum must be mad to allow a three year old child talk to her in this disrespectful manner. It wouldn't happen in my house.