Little Girl Has A Stand Off With Her Daddy

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Rumble - Children imitate the behavior or mannerisms of their parents' thanks to a basic instinct that assists personality development. This instinct and this imitation is the reason why we humans live in and form units that share the same behavior, traits etc. It is also how our communication skill is getting developed from a very early age. This is why it is so important that the parent serves as an example that the child will follow i.e. imitate.

In the first two years of the child's life, the child copies the behavior of adults in a very not-conscious manner, and to the extent that its self-confidence allows. Observations show that babies are more likely to imitate those behaviors that they see more often, that they are more readily exposed to than behaviors, not typical for the environment that surrounds them.

Look who's talking now, or at least will be very soon and in a pretty vocal manner. As you can see in the video at the top of the page, toddlers can be very vocal and always ready to argue when things don't go their own way, usually causing a funny "scene" for everyone present. This behavior is adorable and totally fine and normal. I mean, how can someone not understand you when you are pointing that out loud and clear?

If you watch this video, you will be convinced that a talent can be spotted from a young age. As it looks, this young lady might have a bright future in the field of law with those skills of argument! She just won’t let daddy win this one, because all the facts are on her side! How adorable!

Daddy Gareth and his little girl Lola love to play fight with one another. Apparently, Lola also loves to climb on things, which serves to make her look even more fierce in this video. Few inches more and they will be on the same level. It’s not the size that is important, it’s the attitude!

Adorable Lola refuses to remove herself from the table and eventually her father has to lift her from it as she continues to put up a fight. This little girl is not going to back down.

It’s just amazing how good they аrе at mimicking whаt thеу ѕее. She probably is mimicking her mom or even the daddy she is now quarreling with! Do not understand this as an open revolt to authority (okay, maybe just a little bit) but as a play which is so integral to a child's proper psychological, emotional and social development. Even though it looks like Lola is winning the argument while daddy Gareth is losing, stopping this tot mid-quarrel would rob her of the opportunity to play and speak her mind and would rob us too of such a gem of a funny video!

So just sit back and watch this adorable family moment caught on video. Too cute!

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    she gets it from him! a brat she will be

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