Horse Pals Remember Their Old Friend In Emotional Reunion

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Published: February 1, 2017

As foals, Arthur, William and Harry were a close trio. Arthur was sold off in 2008 and four years have passed before he was re-purchased. The thoroughbred was set to move into a new field with his old mates, but owner Sue wasn’t sure whether the three would have any memories of their youth spent together.

What took place at the moment of their reunion surprised all and affirmed Sue’s belief that horses certainly have emotions and memories. This emotional clip has amassed over eight million views on YouTube since first being uploaded.

It is videos like these that show proof of the way animals feel about each other, not just their owners and companion. After repurchasing Arthur in 2012, Sue recently had the chance to reunite the stallion with two of his buddies from “foalhood”. Even though Arthur is now 8-and-a-half years old and even though the place where the three gorgeous individual reunited was already long sold and there was nothing familiar for the there, they recognized each other’s soul immediately.

The almost 5 minute clip has been edited out of an hour and a half worth of incredible footage, captured by Bruce Selkirk, a filmmaker Sue hired to record the horses. The trio are now living happily together again in South Dartmoor, where she runs Adventures with Horses, Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning.

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