Homecoming Marine Surprises Little Brother With An Unexpected Visit

Storyful Published February 1, 2017 51,709 Plays

Rumble A heartwarming video has emerged of a little boy having the surprise of his life when his marine brother paid him an unexpected visit. It was hard for little Tyler to get used to the idea of his brother being away with the marines.

Footage shows father filming little Taylor and preparing him for some kind of a surprise. Taylor is excited for the surprise and asks whether they are going to the movies? At that moment, Taylor’s big brother, Nick shows up from behind and asks whether they are going to the movies together.

In a split second, the overjoyed boy bursts into tears after realizing that his big brother has arrived to surprise him. This is the emotional moment when brothers are reunited with the unexpected homecoming surprise.

Watch as this marine surprises his little brother in a heartwarming reunion video. Tyler Willis thought they were going to the movies with his dad, but he started getting suspicious when his father started filming him in the hallway of their Washington state home.

The seventh grader suspected that some kind of surprise was about to happen, but he never would have guessed that it regards the homecoming of his marine brother. Tyler’s older brother Nick had been away from home for six months while in the Marines, and Tyler really missed his brother.

Moments later, Tyler falls in his brother’s arms and they share a nice, long hug. The shock of seeing Nick immediately brought Tyler to tears. This heartwarming reaction left us reaching for tissue.

Maybe Tyler is close with all three of his older siblings, but Nick has a very special place in little Taylor’s heart, explains mother Wendie Willis.

Although, the family knew Nick would be coming home after he was granted a leave to attend his other brother’s wedding, everyone agreed to keep the visit a secret from Tyler in order to give him a big surprise. In addition to spending Independence Day together, the boys also got to celebrate their shared birthday just a few days later.