Toddler Finds The Idea Of Snow Totally Hilarious

StoryfulPublished: February 1, 2017744 views
Published: February 1, 2017

We all know that snow if no laughing matter. We know how it forms, where it comes from, what it essentially is and where it goes after a while. We also know that when it gets really cold, walking on snow can be a very serious matter. But for this adorable toddler, the entire concept of snow is one very hilarious matter, especially the way dad tells it!

In a video that was originally titled "Snow? Whaaaaat?" on YouTube, a dad from Massachusetts recorded his daughter cracking up at his explanation of snow. Like, if she was on the floor, she would probably be rolling around on it, laughing his diaper off!

"Snow falls from the sky, and it blankets everything," dad says, but his daughter bursts into laughter. "It covers it... completely," he continued, making his daughter giggle even harder.

"Daddy's funny,” the toddler tells her mom, before resuming her contagious laughter. "No, it's a true story," the dad exclaims. The patient dad even goes on further, to explain the concept of snow to his curious kid. That did not stop the laughter, it only made it worse!

Not only is she not buying his explanation, she even shakes her head and repeats no. The dad even said that: “At this point, I've asked her how she thinks the snow got on the ground and her answer has been, ‘from the trees!’"

We would like to see that theory tested!

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