Singing Dog SMASHES Michael Jackson Hit Song In This Hysterical Clip

Storyful Published February 1, 2017 3,387,679 Plays

Rumble If magic ever existed then it must have been written in notes. Of course, there are other ways to create art. You can paint it with colours, write it in words, weave it in knots and even carve it in objects but it would still pale in comparison to music. Expressing your innermost thoughts is best done in music notes because chords are really good at portraying emotions. There is a certain mystery about the tones that we can not see but we can feel deep in our core. They can represent everything and nothing at the same time and the fact that they are formless makes it easy for us to shape them into a feeling or a person. Music is truly brilliant.

Everything gets better when music gets involved. It is the best way to show love because it invokes emotions so strong, they captivate the soul and provide inspiration for life. And when you see an animal really enjoy music, then you know that this particular song will stand the test of time!

Honey, Melissa’s rescue dog, loves singing along to a good tune. Michael Jackson’s hit ‘Will You Be There’ played on the radio while they were driving through Humboldt County a few months ago and Honey couldn’t help but sing along! We don’t have to tell you that the King of Pop is Honey’s favorite artist, do we?

We are not here to discuss whether Honey is good in singing or not. When you enjoy a song so much and you sing along from the heart, no one can tell you to keep it quiet!

MJ was not only the King of Pop, he was also the King of everyone’s heart, adored by both young and old all across the world and apparently dogs too. Who would have thought?

Music has to be the best way to show love. It has a unique way to touch the soul, provide inspiration and make you feel like you haven’t felt before. Even though our animals can’t tell us how they feel, Honey really seems to show Melissa how she feels! Amazing.

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This dog can really pull out a magnificent voice! These sounds really don't even sound like they can come from a dog, but they do. This dog literally sings opera!

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  • Warchild, 2 years ago

    That is totally off the hook!! Good job pooch!!

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  • dnnroeder, 2 years ago

    probably hurts his ears poor baby! lol

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  • Bobbbbb, 2 years ago

    Love the dog. Totally disagree with "King of everyone's heart, adored..." That's messed up.

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