Dog Is Swimming With Dolphins Enjoying Her Saltwater Therapy

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Published: January 31, 2017

There is something so fascinating about the deep blue waters of the sea. To the human eye, they are just a flat blue surface that stretches into space, but in reality it is much more.

Although there is only one continuous body of water, there are actually five world oceans, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Southern or Antarctic Ocean. People have long been referring to them as the Seven Seas because they have been dividing the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean into two bodies of water, North and South. Together these oceans make up about 70% of our planet and as such are a home to many organisms. It might be hard to believe, but we still haven’t met a good amount of them, we have yet to discover what is lurking in the deep blue waters. This pupper is very driven to become the first canine to do so.

A paddle boarder and her dog were joined by a curious pod of dolphins off the coast of Esperance, Western Australia, in early January, much to their delight. The eager explorer, a rescued dog previously found wandering the streets, has no fear and bravely swims along with the pod. Meet Kuta the canine who spends her days swimming in the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean with dolphins by her side. This dog is living the dream!

Kuta enjoys saltwater therapy and spends every morning swimming with dolphins, curious about the fins swimming underneath her. She became so attached that she hates leaving her new friends when her owner calls for her. Once, she wandered very far in the deep waters and got her owner worried sick.

The two-year-old rescue dog loves the ocean so much that she would happily stay there with her marine friends. Owner Erin Cummings says that her canine is popular under the waves with her dolphin friends.

Kuta joins Ms Cummings on her paddle board each morning and the dolphins act like guards to the woman and her dog in an area where sharks circle. It is amazing how the dolphins seem to be more curious for Kuta than Erin when they are swimming, and often circle around her and play. Ms Cummings says that her furry friend has also befriended a seal during one of their beach trips. This dog is into marine animals, that’s for sure!

One of the things that we love about dogs is that they want to be friends with everyone. Can you really fault them though? Who absolutely hates a friendly dog? Terrible people, that's who.

This curious pooch wants to be friends with dolphins, and isn’t afraid to swim in the salty waters just to feel like part of the group. When we first started watching this video we thought that dolphins wouldn’t be okay with the furry intruder, but watching this pooch swimming along with the dolphins had us in stitches. What a wonderful friendship in the making!

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