Teen Tries To Use Lighter To Escape From Police Cruiser And I Guess It Worked

3023 Published January 31, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble / Weird Mysteries - This 19-year-old man was trying to escape from the back of a police cruiser by using his lighter when the vehicle suddenly crashed, sending the troublemaker flying out of the back window. Police in Jonesboro, Arkansas have released the shocking footage from inside the car.

The clip shows Logan Younger nearly managing to break free from his handcuffs at the moment of the accident, which almost instantaneously ejects him out of the cruiser. Authorities claim that Younger had been trying to kick the door open shortly before the incident took place.

Pictures from the wreck’s aftermath show the mangled cruiser missing its passenger side door and with the entire driver’s side crumpled in on itself. No word has surfaced as to what caused the crash.

Younger reportedly seized on the accident as another shot at freedom; he fled the scene, only to be captured once again, sent to the hospital for treatment and released to police custody.

The arresting officer was conscious after the accident and able to speak with medical staff.