Selena Gomez Makes Her Relationship with The Weeknd OFFICIAL!!

HollyscoopPublished: January 30, 201723 views
Published: January 30, 2017

Okay you guys, it’s officially official!!!! We’re talking about the absolute officialness of Selena Gomez and The Weeknd!! Okay, so many of us already knew they were official or at least thought they were headed that way with all their PDA and reports confirming their relationship, but both the Weeknd and Selena have confirmed they’re an item on social media! THIS IS HUGE PEOPLE!!! Nothing says ‘I’m with her’ and ‘He’s with me’ like shouting it out on social media! The couple are Instagram offish and are following each other on the social media outlet. Now you may be thinking to yourself, OH MY GOD how is this news? Well it’s news and VERY exciting news because in the world of A-List couples social media is their most personal way of communicating with us! So you’ll remember when they were first snapped out kissing and hanging on each other earlier this month and after that happened, The Weeknd’s ex, Bella Hadid, unfollowed Selena on IG. Well that was pretty much Bella’s way of publicly saying “I’m pissed, and I don’t like you Selena Gomez.” Obvi, she never released a statement saying this, but we made our own celeb-obsessed conclusions. Selena is good friends with Bella’s older sis, GiGi, and went on the record saying her and Bella were not even that good of friends, so Bella unfollowing her on Instagram wasn’t that big of a deal, and pretty much said “Girl, get over it!” Just last week Welena, yeah we are going to call them that, they along with a couple friends were spotted out on a group date night at DaveNBusters in Hollywood. And what would you know the next day they were jetting off to Italy! Seriously, how more coupley could they be? Oh, wait there’s more… of course there is! Selena and the Weeknd were spotted totally engulfed in each other and literally stuck to each other’s sides. Selena was seen draped over his back with her arms wrapped around his chest! They’re seriously so infatuated with one another! Of course Selena tugged our heart strings when she posted a video of her in Italy with her boo-thang, during they took a boat ride along the canals. She captioned the video with the heart-eyed emoji, SUPER CUTE, but of course she deleted it! Instagram is seriously saving my life right now! The Weeknd even went on the record about his relationship with the 24-year-old, and put Selena on his IG story! He posted a picture to his story of Selena looking up at the The Birth of Venus at The Uffizi Gallery in Florence. At first we thought their relationship was a publicity stunt. We also thought the Weeknd might be using Selena to get over Bella, but reports out there say Bella said Selena was using the Weeknd. Not quite sure who to believe, but what I can believe is that I don’t think we’ve seen Selena this happy since she was with Bieber. Will Selena and the Weeknd stand the test of tinsletown time, or is this a fleeting love affair? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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