Ivanka Trump BLASTED on Twitter for Wearing $5,000 Dress During Refugee Immigration Scandal

HollyscoopPublished: January 30, 201732 views
Published: January 30, 2017

Another Trump is in hot water and this one might surprise you! Trump’s oldest daughter Ivanka Trump, who has rarely made any sort of negative headlines, is getting ridiculed left and right for something she wore! Ivanka snapped a picture of her and her husband before a swanky and high-end date night, which she in-turn Tweeted. Very fitting for a Trump! It was on Saturday night she posted the pic of herself in a $5,000.00 gown, the same weekend her father and the President of the United States signed an executive order to ban immigrants from the US. Now what’s really causing controversy and bad backlash is that Trump is not ordering to ban every immigrant or foreign person, it’s only people from seven Muslim-majority countries. There was also an immediate halt to the US refugee program. Despite the public uproar, protesting and outright hatred for this order, Ivanka and her husband, a senior White House Adviser, found the time to live out their wealthy and privileged lives. Her tweet instantly went viral and people around the world were NOT having it. People tweeted pictures of Ivanka Trump in her $5,000.00 gown next to a young refugee girl in what looks like similar material that Trump’s dress is made out of. The caption read: “Who wore it better?” Shannon Watts tweeted a gruesome picture of a little boy covered in dust and blood next to Ivanka’s date night picture with the caption: “Ivanka Trump perhaps Merriam Webster should define cognitive dissonance.” Another person compared Ivanka’s tweet to Germany in the 1940’s during the Holocaust. One tweet tagged with Ivanka’s handle said, “It reminds me of when Germans danced to Richard Wagner and went to concerts as Jews were led into gas chambers.” It’s a waiting game now as to if and when she will respond, but we’re very curious as to how you interpret her tweet and what you make of all of this. Is it tasteless and a sign of her ignorance to what is happening in the world? OR Was she simply trying to let Americans into her Saturday date night? Let us know in the comments below.

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