German Shepherd Is Very Excited To See Owner After Weeks Apart

Published January 30, 2017 113,416 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs are truly a man’s best friend. They love their humans unconditionally and now it has been scientifically proven. They see their owners as their family and they are loyal and protective over them. Just take a look at this huge German Shepherd’s reaction when he sees his owner after three weeks apart. He is her biggest fan for sure!

An excited German Shepherd almost bowled over his owner after she returned from being three weeks away from home. Rambunctious Rambo couldn’t control himself when Anny Chow came home from her vacation on December 12, staring out of the window as soon as he heard her car.

The 17-month-old pooch then sprinted across Anny’s parents’ living room to greet her at the door, ferociously wagging his tail as he stood against the security gate. As soon as she walked over to him, Rambo stood on his hind legs and jumped to try and hug his owner, and almost knocked her over as he nearly reached Anny’s full height.

Her parents, who looked over Rambo during the time she was away, said that he was constantly looking over the window and waited for her to come back. They also said that the dog lost his appetite while she was away.

Anny, from Brooklyn, New York, USA, said:’I knew Rambo would be excited for me to be home but I didn’t expect him to be so boisterous. I’ve had him since he was 10-weeks-old and this was the longest I had left him so he was quite sad.’

Our hearts melted while seeing his adorable reaction!

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