Justin Bieber is Working on Something New - And It's HUGE!

HollyscoopPublished: January 27, 201717 views
Published: January 27, 2017

CODE 5 RED ALERT. JUSTIN BIEBER HAS TWEETED. JB tweeted that hes working on something special. . .so what could it be? New music? New video? New clothing line? What? Tell us, Justin, tell us! It’s important to note that its been reported that when Justin is finished with his purpose world tour, which started in march of 2016, and will have hit 159 stops before coming to a close in September of this year, that he will be going away for awhile. A source close to Justin has stated "Fans can look forward to new music this year, but after September don’t expect to see much of Justin for a long time.” Ah so maybe it is music Justin is working on that he’s teasing us with. The source goes on to say that "His Purpose tour has been grueling and Justin is looking forward to a bit of peace and getting back to nature." We know that Justin has had his difficulties dealing with the stresses of being a global pop superstar and everyone asking for a picture! No pictures no pictures! So I think its well deserved time hes earned to take off. Hes human after all … or is he. Speaking of pictures. Justin will not be reactivating his Instagram anytime soon. Saying that he thinks Instagram is hell. Preach, Justin, preach. As for the new music, Here in LA he could be getting down with some of his past collaborators to give us a new hit, like Julia Michaels – SORRY, Andrew Watt – Let Me Love You, or even…Ed Sheeran Love Yourself. Ed famously got off the grid for all of 2016 and now he’s back with what he says is his best music ever. So will Justin be taking a page out of Ed’s book and disappearing completely after his tour, we’ll have to wait and see The last few tracks we’ve heard Justin on weren’t necessarily “his songs” but he was the featured vocalist like on Cold Water, Let Me Love You, and Post Malones Déjà vu so it will be interesting to see what these new releases look like, I personally get down with his tracks that are “his”. . .No Pressure, anyone?? Do you have your tix to Justin’s Purpsose tour if so let us know in the comments below by writing for what city!!

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