Taylor Swift Teases New "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" Video with Zayn Malik

HollyscoopPublished: January 25, 20173 views
Published: January 25, 2017

The "big day," when T-Swift and Zayn Malik release their new music video for "I Don't Wanna Live Forever," is... "coming soon." Womp-womp. At least, this is what Taylor captioned when she posted a photo from shoot to her Instagram. The pic looks like it could be a screen grab from the video. It shows Taylor, in sultry red lighting, with a man, we're guessing Zayn, sexily standing behind her. SUCH. A. TEASE. Here's the story of how this duet happened... In an interview on Z-100, Zayn said, "We were kind of in separate places when I mentioned the idea to her. I spoke to her on the phone. She went in the studio the next day to record it." He continues, "She mentioned to me that she liked the song, and I already kind of knew, in the back of my head, that she liked it." Cut to the song's release on December 8th, which shot it straight to #1 on iTunes. The song's also featured in the new Fifty Shades of Grey sequel, Fifty Shades Darker. From the look of this picture- the red, the sexiness- I'm thinking the video will definitely be referencing those S&M themes from the movie. As far as what else we've heard about the dramatic music video- Taylor and Zayn filmed it in a hotel room in London, and by the time the shoot was over, the entire suite was TRASHED. Apparently Zayn throws a lamp against the wall and rips up a pillow, while Taylor lights the freaking curtains on fire and smashes the bathroom mirror. Yep, I'm feeling hot and bothered. What about you guys? Taylor always have some kind of plot in her music videos- can anyone guess what it will be? Hit us up in those comments.

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