Adventurous Woman Ice Skates Through Majestic Frozen Forest

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Published: January 23, 2017

A video has emerged that is the true definition of a winter wonderland! When Jessica Spinney and her boyfriend noticed that the forest near their home in Berwick, Nova Scotia had been flooded and completely frozen over. Naturally, they immediately decided to run home and grab their ice skates in order to enjoy skating through the frozen forest. Or should we say winter wonderland? This video is truly relaxing and pleasing.

Everyone knows that winters can be pretty cold in Canada, but they also can be quite beautiful and allow people to have unique experiences. This beautiful video shows this couple’s passion for ice skating, as they skate through the maze of frozen forest landscape. The thick ice beneath their feet makes for the perfect winter adventure there is! They will sure inspire you to take ice skating to a whole different level!

Upon discovering a forest with a thick coating of ice this brave couple has responded in the Canadian fashion i.e. by grabbing their hockey gear and going ice skating. Cool!

Jessi Spinney posted a video to YouTube showing the frozen forest in Berwick, Nova Scotia. Spinney said that she and her boyfriend were out for a walk when they discovered the icy area and decided to go home and grab their skates and hockey sticks.

Footage shows Spinney skating around the forest, navigating around trees while her boyfriend follows on his own skates, recording the entire adventure on camera.

Imagine somewhere calm and safe. Imagine ice skating through a frozen forest. You're standing on the ice, navigating through tall trees that touch the sky. Pure white snowflakes fall all around and you can feel them melting on your skin. However, you are not cold because it cannot overcome the warmth of your beating heart. Can you hear it? You only have to listen!

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