Camera Catches Hilarious Construction Worker Dancing Like No One’s Watching

Published January 20, 2017 3,367,307 Views

Ariana Grande’s eye has been caught by a home made video and for one very good reason. This gentleman has got some mean moves! Meet Tony Restivo, a tile-setter from Toronto who is making headlines worldwide with the dance moves he dropped at a recent construction (home improvement) site, swaying his hips to Ariana Grande’s hit “Into You”.

Tony says that initially he had no idea he is was being filmed at his construction site. "The first 15 to 20 seconds, I didn’t know," he said. "Then from the corner of my eyes, I saw Anthony taping me, and he always tapes me at work when I’m doing something funny." He also says that he is known to bust a move when he thinks his workers could use a bit of a pick-me-up. And boy, are we grateful!

"The guys were really quiet that day, and not in good spirits and I just started cranking my music and dancing like I always do," Tony Tiles explained to CityNews. "It’s actually a normal thing, I dance all the time at work, to make the guys laugh and have a good time because our job is hard enough as it is."

As with any other humble viral star, Tony also had no idea that his dance video became an internet sensation. That is until his wife saw in on social media. When he heard that even Ariana herself saw the clip, Tony said that he was glad he made her smile. "If she got a kick out of it, that’s great and I hope everybody else got a kick out of it,” says the dancing king. “In my normal life, this is what I do, have fun with work and life, and go on from there."

Ugh, the mid-evening blues. You're in the workplace typing away, your associates are sullenly gazing at their PC screens, and it's so calm you can scarcely stand it.

Whenever you end up watching the check or gazing longingly out the window for something energizing to happen, recall what a Toronto tile setter did to help the state of mind. He was at a vocation site early a year ago and all of a sudden understood whatever is left of the team had been particularly calm throughout the day.

So what did he do? Naturally, he embraced his inner diva! Evidently, Tony Restivo, the man getting this party started, grew up watching moving greats like Michael Jackson, John Travolta, and Elvis Presley — and it appears in his hip pushes and high kicks.

Dancing is a unique art that requires passion. Dancing has for certain moral lessons; it teaches us not to give up, dancing is about practicing until you learn the right moves. Dancing is hope and dancing is trust. You trust in yourself and always hope to be better.

Dancing is the best stress reliever and this amazing guy just proofed to us, that a little music and some dance moves can make your day better and in this case his colleagues too! Don’t forget to share this videos to make someone happy too!

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