Girl Drives Rented Ferrari For Her Birthday, Things Don't Go According To Plan

Storyful Published January 19, 2017 1,171,748 Plays

Rumble Oxotic is a Colorado-based business which offers rental “supercars” to brave customers. When one customer scheduled a surprise tour for his girlfriend’s birthday in a Ferrari worth $300,000, his overconfidence proved to be his undoing. Things do not go his way and he takes the sharp turns of the road with way too much speed, ultimately causing this incident.

Fortunately, his insurance company ended up paying the entire amount of the vehicle’s replacement value. That would have been one expensive fix if he had to pay for it all himself. Then again maybe he should have payed it so he can learn his lesson. We hope that he still learned his lesson after this frightening incident.

What made this clip even more worse was the fact that he was intentionally driving fast around those corners because of his overconfidence. It is OK to be confident when driving as there is some situations where you cannot hesitate, but overconfidence is not a good thing as it can lead to incidents such as this one here. Just be safe and aware when driving. Driving is a privilege and not a right, remember that.

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  • Oldfart, 1 year ago

    Just another Dumbo

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  • Rhaman68, 1 year ago

    Classic example of total ignorance as to tire energy. He accelerates too early in the turn causing understeer. Tires can steer or brake butvtry to do both and traction is lost causing loss of control. That is why there are racing certification courses all over the US. Thankfully the safety barrier prevented the car from being destroyed.

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    • tig, 1 year ago

      Actually, had he NOT taken his foot off the accelerator it would have been a different matter.

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  • dopro, 1 year ago

    Simple case of inexperience. Sun glare did not help.

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  • LordBrantus, 1 year ago

    She is Walking Home!!

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  • pDEagle50, 1 year ago

    Kindly update the tagline of the post, its the guy who is driving not the girl. Spread real news not fake

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  • flibberdigibbet1, 1 year ago

    What a typical jerk. You could have killed her. I'm sure he learned nothing and is busy with his next "feat of strength" to try to impress...

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  • Marleyinsocal, 1 year ago


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