Zayn Malik Gets 'Love' Tattoo in Girlfriend Gigi Hadid's Handwriting - Engagement Rumors True?

HollyscoopPublished: January 19, 20171 views
Published: January 19, 2017

Zayn is all about showing his love for his lady Gigi Hadid - and now he’s done it in a permanent way. Amongst all these marriage rumors, Zayn has new ink dedicated to the supermodel! Ok, not gonna lie we are DYING to know what’s going on with Zayn and Gigi. She’s wearing a ring on THAT ringer and now he’s got this super lovey-dovey new tattoo. Are there wedding bells in the future? Well, all that speculation aside, for just right this second, Zayn got that rumor mill churning last night when he stepped out in NYC. Pap cameras caught the singer trying to be stealthy, but look right there on his right hand. Zayn’s got a new tattoo to add to his collection - the word ‘LOVE’ stretched across the back of his hand. Now obviously we’re thinking this tattoo is in honor of Gigi - the model is his LOVE after all. But here’s what we want to know… is it in her handwriting? Well, let’s take a look. We searched and searched the web and only found one example of Gigi’s handwriting - her handwritten apology letter to incoming first lady Melania Trump. You’ll remember that Gigi had offended fans by poking fun of the model during last year’s American music awards. We combed through it, and didn’t find the word love, BUT. Looking at Zayn’s tattoo next to Gigi’s note, you have to agree that the handwriting is DEFINITELY similar! Gigi too stepped out this week with something new on her hand, a dainty ring on THAT finger. Rumors have been swirling that Zayn proposed to Gigi, but that she turned him down. But then all of a sudden she’s sporting this ring? And he’s got a love tattoo?? Something is definitely brewing. What do you think?? Is that tattoo Gigi’s handwriting, and is that ring signaling a wedding??? Sound off in the comments below!

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