Kendall vs Kylie Jenner: Who's Got the Better Glam Room?

HollyscoopPublished: January 19, 20175 views
Published: January 19, 2017

We know that the Kardashian Jenner sisters are all about the glam - and we’ve even caught a glimpse of their glam rooms here and there! But the elusive Kendall Jenner is finally spilling secrets about her glam room. Guys, you’re not going to believe how huge it is. We kinda thought Ken had a room dedicated just for her makeup. It makes sense, but also, it’s not like she wears nearly as much makeup as her sisters. Plus she’s super private and rarely shows photos of her house, again, unlike her sisters. But apparently this super model DOES have a glam room, and it will likely make you jealous. Now unfortunately Kendall didn’t give us a tour of her room, like her sister Kylie has done in the past, but her interior designer is spilling her glam secrets. So exactly HOW BIG is ken’s room? Let’s just say a super model needs her space… “It’s the size of a normal person’s bedroom,” Martyn Lawrence Bullard told Yahoo. Oh and then Martyn threw a little shade. “She is less maintenance than all the other girls. In her day to day life, she doesn’t wear makeup for every day.” Compare to Kylie and Kim, Kendall IS a lot less glam. But don’t think that means she’s skimped out on luxuries in her room. “Her vibe is quite hip,” Martyn said. “We have an amazing 70s crystal chandelier in the center of the room. It’s monochrome, black and white. There’s a beautiful counter. There’s a custom chair created for her height. You need a TV.” Okay, sounds awesome right? But is it as cool as say Kylie’s glam room, or kilos? Hmmm…Well, like we said, Kylie is all about showing off her room and we gotta say, it’s pretty unique. Wall-to-wall mirrors, lights for those perfect selfies, and of course a wig room. Definitely a different style than Kendall’s. And how about Khloe? The reality star’s room was shared on Instagram last year. “Every girls’ dream,” Martyn wrote. What do you think? Are you feeling Kendall’s glam room or Kylie’s? Let us know in the comments below.

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