Kitty Goes Into Attack Mode When Mom Enters Her Personal Bubble

StoryfulPublished: January 18, 2017150,136 views
Published: January 18, 2017

A hilarious footage has emerged of an angry cat getting territorial in the kitchen. Family cat Milo goes “attack mode” on anyone who tries to reach for his cupboard and get a glass. This feline seems to rule this household and gives “You shall not pass” attitude on a girl.

Footage shows the moment when a house cat defends his territory as owner Jimmy Cummings films the angry cat taking a swipe at his sister, Jennie Sue. Poor Jennie just wanted to get a glass out of the cupboard and pour herself a glass of milk.

Watch as the angry feline is peacefully resting in the kitchen right next to the cupboard. This feline seems to be enjoying her privacy, because every time her owner comes near her, the cat starts to hiss and swing her paws at owner. Funny how this cat goes attack mode on her own sister. If this was the case with a stranger, we would definitely approve, but this is your family Milo! Show some respect!

Aggression is the second most common feline behavior problem seen by animal behaviorists. Just like humans, cats have different forms and occasions for aggression. It is usually possible to manage your cats aggression and even resolve it. Most situations involving cat aggression are entirely manageable and result from fear, anxiety, lack of socialization or previously traumatic life experiences. The cat deserves our patience and understanding in order to improve its behavior. However, if a cat is habitually aggressive you may need to think about rehoming to a farm where its behavior can be redirected into hunting. For your safety, and the safety of those who come into contact with your cat, it is necessary to understand and manage your pet's behavior.

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