Facts about a Bombproof Horse

Published January 17, 2017 9,105 Plays $25.17 earned

Rumble / Entertainment LifeAnyone who worked with a bombproof horses, will agree with us when we say that working with them is incredible. Why? They don’t spook, they are reliable and you can really trust and rely on them (especially if you are recovering from an injury). The thing is that, this kind of horses are very rare and their loving nature comes after years of caring and training.

After watching the video below, you will appreciate more the bombproof horses. The dressage horse from the video, performs something extraordinary. First of all, she is doing the performans with tarps, and all of us who have worked with horses, know that, that’s the scariest object for many horses. Also the routine that she does is very unique and she performs it in a arena full of crowd. That’s what makes her special in the horse world.

When you match a talented rider and trainer and a horse who is ready for the chalenge, you will get the perfect pair, who can accomplish anything. And this rider is well-known for his talent, just look at that horse (Esmeralda), she completely trusts him (Will Rogers).

So, if you want a bombproofing horse, you must be aware of the fact that some serious work has to be done. It takes more time, because is an ongoing process. It’s not easy, because at first place, your horse must trust you completely, so, you must build that trust. You must understand your horse as a partner and he must learn to read your body cues- this are two things that you must start off, in order to strengthen your bond as a pair.

Finding the perfect methods in training your horse, will prepare him for many situations that might be out of your control. You must expose him to objects and situations which are new for him. For example, umbrellas, bicycles etc. Objects that might scare him. But there is a little warning above all this: you must not expose him too much and too fast to different objects and situations, because that might reduce his trust in you.