Grieving Horse Says His Last Goodbye To His Best Friend Who Died Suddenly

nikosbrihmani Published January 17, 2017 25,420 Plays $70.84 earned

Rumble / Entertainment LifeAfter you watch the video below you will realize why this story spread so quick on the Internet. A 34 year old Paraguayan cowboy, Wagner Lima died in a motorcycle accident on New Year’s Day 2017, in Brazil. For many years his best friend was a horse, named Sereno and everyone knew how connected those two were. And that’s why Wagner’s brother Wando without having any second thoughts, decided to take Sereno at the funeral of his beloved friend.

As Wando shared with Globo News, he had a feeling that Sereno knew what was going on and wanted to say last goodbye. Wando organized a very sentimental march in Cajazeiras, Brazil. They walked all the way down through the city to Wagner’s resting place.

Everyone got so emotional when the horse got closer to the casket to pinpoint the scent of his loving friend. It was very obvious that Sereno was grieving. In Wagner’s loving memory Sereno will stay in the family and they will take care for him.


  • BroncoBob, 2 years ago

    This is so sad, anytime a bond is made between animal and human, it's "unconditional love", no one can understand how profound that bond is until one member of the duo becomes absent, for whatever the reason. This video tugs at my heart strings. My thoughts and prayers for the bereaved.

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