Tiny Horse Named Microdave Is Just 18 Inches Tall

Published January 17, 2017 354,561 Views

Meet Microdave – who stands at just 18 inches tall could be Britain’s smallest horse. At 12 days old, the American miniature stallion stands a full two inches shorter than Einstein, who is recognized as the world’s smallest horse.

When the pocket-sized colt was born measuring a minuscule 12 inches – the same height as a 2litre bottle of coke – he was nine inches shorter than the average American miniature foal. Using his adorable size, Microdave runs rings around mum – Haysden Samber Tiddly – and owner Jen Baldwin-Murphy.

Jen, who owns Haysden Liveries near Tonbridge, Kent, said: “I still can’t believe how small he is. When I stand next to him his withers come way below my knee.” Jen jokes that when people come to visit the miniature horse, she has to check their pockets to make sure none of them stole Microdave. Now that Microdave has grown to full 18 inches, Jen says he is becoming quite the handful. Not only is Microdave getting quite naughty.

He's just half the size of the average foal for his kind, and his owners say he is so famous with guests that they'll soon have to start checking people's pockets before they leave. Well. Who could blame them? He is adorable!

Horses are such incredible creatures, and they are also well known for being beautiful and graceful creatures, and if you are not sure about that check all the history books, and you will see for yourself. Don’t you think they are adorable?

Microdave was just 12 inches when he was born. From that point forward he has developed to 18 inches tall and is a remarkable bunch. His owner says he resembles a shrewd little youngster and the "most bright" foal she's at any point met!

Jen said: 'He's the first foal I've owned, but I've seen lots - never anything like him. 'He may be small, but he makes up for it by being bold. And as he gets older, he gets cheekier. 'It's impossible to keep him from dashing between fields. I need to put some lower fencing in to keep track of him. 'We love him but he drives me and his mum frantic.

There is another tiny horse out there in the world, besides Einstein and Microdave, only this one is a miniature of a miniature horse! Thumbelina is only 17.5 inches tall and weighs just 60 pounds, as opposed to her mom, which is 34 inches tall and 250 pounds heavy. Either way, they are all so adorable!

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