Justin Bieber FINALLY Speaks on Selena Gomez Dating the Weeknd: "She's Using Him"

HollyscoopPublished: January 17, 201771 views
Published: January 17, 2017

Has there been anything else to talk about recently except the Weeknd and Selena? Well a source close to him is spilling the tea about just how Justin really feels about Selena dating the Weeknd and it turns out that Justin thinks that Selena is using the the Weeknd! The source goes on to say that Weeknd and Selena are working on some music together and as history would have it, leads Justin to believe she is up to her usual ways. Lets bring it back. It was rumored last year that Zedd and Selena’s relationship was for promotional purposes. They linked up in the studio for the first time to work on ‘I Want You To Know’ and “started dating”. . . Zedd said they literally met for the first time when both were coming and going to the bathroom. Then after the sizzle of the single ran its course, and Diplo called them out for a fake relationship, the couple split. Nick Jonas put out a song called ‘Area Code’ which had everyone talking because he potentially mentions his ex Selena in the lyrics “You say I never been good for you / You can’t deny I gave it good to you.” Was ‘good for you’ for Nick..or Justin? Justin even has claimed Selena used him for her music promotion. Is the Weeknd next in this line or is this fling the real deal? Now In the Weeknds new single Party Monster the lyrics go “Ass like Selena” which we all thought were about Selena Gomez right!? But apparently it’s about Selena Quintanilla the 90s singer, but who knows? Apparently Selena G is his type so you don’t know. Selena Gomez is actually named after her. Is the Weeknd next in this line or is this fling the real deal? Let us know in the comments below.

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