Annoying Friend Pranks Guitarist Mid-Song

Storyful Published January 16, 2017 6,135 Plays

Rumble Did you ever make a mixtape for your friends and wanted to annoy them with “secret songs?” Or have you ever had a contest with your friends on what songs are the absolute worst to listen to? Well, this guy found a very annoying way to prank his friend, by singing on repeat the same song over and over again, every time his friend plays the guitar! Who knows, maybe after hearing this song over a dozen times, you will come to hate the song as well!

This guy just wanted to play his guitar in peace but his friend wouldn’t let him. Chris interrupted his friend every time he was playing the guitar by singing the opening line of Green Day hit “Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road...”. Needless to say, it didn’t go well!

YouTube prank videos are considered a work of art, and people find very creative ways to annoy their beloved friends or family! Pranks are usually tough to get right, this one in particular is contemporary art at it's finest. Everything about it is magnificent: the pitch-perfect choice of "Time of Your Life" (also known as the song performed on acoustic guitar in uni halls across the globe by white boys trying to finger girls), the dude's admirably off-key vocals, the roommate's consistently exasperated reaction, the fact that every time you know what's coming, but it somehow gets funnier and funnier, as Chris continues to be inconsiderate and ruins practice time!