Severe Storm Damages Property Near Mableton and Austell

Storyful Published January 13, 2017 3 Plays

Rumble A severe storm swept through Mableton and Austell, Georgia, on Wednesday, November 30, causing downed trees and some property damage. Austell is the home of Six Flags in Georgia.

The National Weather Service in Atlanta <a href="" target="_blank">issued an early warning</a> on Wednesday of thunderstorms capable of producing tornados, however the <span class="caps">NWS</span> has not confirmed a tornado touched down.

Shortly after that warning, a <a href="" target="_blank">report of debris</a> was issued by the weather service as a tornado warning was in effect.

This video shows debris along the roadway. The uploader said in the comment thread there was debris along Mableton Parkway and Discovery Boulevard.