Jean Claude Van Damme Flashes High Kick to MP Amidst Parliament Chaos

Storyful Published January 13, 2017

Rumble The cherry atop of the chaos sundae that is the final sitting week of Australian politics arrived in the form of action star Jean Claude Van Damme high-kicking an Australian MP, on December 1.

The final parliamentary sitting week for 2016 included a <a href="" target="_blank">senator impersonating a chicken</a>, a Nationals member and hard-line conservative <a href="" target="_blank">posing with a whip in a S&M-esque fashion</a>, the highest legal power in the country forced to appear before a <a href="*/stories/150009" target="_blank">Senate inquiry</a>, <a href="*/stories/150399" target="_blank">protesters twice breaching Parliament security</a> and being referred to as “bong-sniffing, K-Mart Castros” by the Assistant to the Prime Minister, and the independents finally settling the legislation which <a href="*/stories/150272" target="_blank">forced a double dissolution</a>.

The “muscles from Brussels” flew into Australia to <a href="" target="_blank">help establish a wildlife sanctuary</a> for endangered animals, and arrived in Canberra to meet with state and federal politicians. Van Damme was scheduled to meet with Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, who once <a href="" target="_blank">threatened to euthanise</a> two of Johnny Depp’s dogs, to discuss animal conservation efforts.

The video, posted by Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg, shows Van Damme executing a high-kick for a photo opportunity. Their meeting was <a href="" target="_blank">interrupted</a> by a division in the House of Representatives.