Funny Miniature Horse Tries Pilates

Storyful Published January 13, 2017 28,079 Plays

Rumble So rarely do we get to enjoy the juxtaposition of something small that is usually very large with something large that is usually very small. Horses usually look huge, but this tiny horse makes anything look huge. Basil loves to play with an inflatable exercise ball although he hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet!

However, today we’ve got a special treat, check out this miniature Horses playing with a giant inflatable ball. He decided he needed to get in shape and he tried Pilates for change!

It will only take one look at this little guy chasing his ball around to burst out laughing! He is so determined to get on the ball and he doesn’t give up that easily.

This video was uploaded on Instagram by user OnHorseback, and shows a cute black miniature horse hopping around when all of a sudden he spots a giant green exercise ball and he goes totally nuts for it!

He starts bopping it with his nose and chasing it around his field, this tiny guy looks like he is having the best days of his life! He continuously tries to hop on the top of the ball and slowly rolls off of it. He is so adorable!

When he was adorably perched on top of the giant green ball, his little white hooves could barely reach the ground, it is too cute to watch!


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