Extremely Powerful Mannequin Challenge Tackles Drug Abuse

Storyful Published January 13, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble The mannequin challenge has undoubtedly been the light-hearted craze of late 2016, but this particular version has a truly meaningful message at its core.

Thomas Worthington posted the video to YouTube and explained his reasons behind making this powerful clip:

“My cousin, Jerry, died of a heroin overdose in February, 2016. Since then, I wanted to do a video raising awareness of heroin addiction. The mannequin challenge videos came out and I thought it was a perfect way to do the video by showing the worst outcome of a heroin overdose scene. I contacted local authorities to see if they would participate. The Grant County Sheriff was glad to help and contacted the Mayor who gave us the green light to use a few of the county’s resources. I wanted to show people how this epidemic is effecting families and that addicts shouldn’t be demonized. They are usually good people who made bad choices.”