Girl Overcome With Joy After Getting Surprise Little Mix Tickets

Storyful Published January 13, 2017 8 Plays

Rumble A young fan of the pop group Little Mix was so overcome after getting tickets to one of the group’s concerts she had to reassure her mother that her tears were “happy tears” as she sobbed uncontrollably.

Sophie Leigh was surprised brilliantly by her parents with her birthday present: the tickets were hidden inside an envelope, which was inside a large cardboard box. When she finally realized she was going to see Little Mix, it all proved a little too much for her.

When Sophie’s mother, Sara, shared the footage with Little Mix on Twitter, she got a <a href="" target="_blank">reply</a> from one of the group, Jade, who said, “This has made my day! She’s made me tear up 🙈 so cute! See you at the #GloryDaysTour ❤️ Ps I wish I looked that pretty when I cry 😂❤️ xjadex.”