Cars Try And Fail To Climb Icy Hill

Storyful Published January 13, 2017 420,026 Plays

Rumble The winter season tests the skills of even the most seasoned of drivers. The slushy snow, thick ice, heavy winds and storms, they all make it difficult to function on your own two legs, let alone in a car!

It can get especially terrifying when you have severely misjudged a particular situation, like a lonely road or a hill, like the one in the video, and get stuck in the middle of it, either snowed in or worse – the car starts sliding down the hill because who could have known that there is an inch of thick stubborn ice on the tarmac?

We have to thank Bob for dedicating three hours of his time to record what happens when you try to drive uphill on a cold street. Only a few cars managed to climb that steep frozen hill, while the others either slid down or somehow managed to overcome the ice and turn around. The top road is busy, cars flying by like crazy, but the lower road has a tramway!

We are too afraid to think about what could have happened in these three hours. We also have no idea what might have occurred in the time Bob wasn't recording the street!

So here's your lesson, kids – when in doubt, don't drive uphill on the street that looks like it is frozen!

After filming a stretch of road throughout three hours, you will see how a ton of cars struggles to try to get to the top of a particular hill. Get a glimpse at these epic fails as you see how many vehicles fail to reach the top of the hill to make a turn. SO hilarious!

Riding your car on a icy road can be really terrifying and scary situation. Always make sure to be cautious and be careful when you are driving in this kind of conditions. Here are some tips on how to be more careful if you are riding on an icy road.

In case you're sliding and fishtailing by any means, it implies that you are going unreasonably quick for the conditions. If you drive at a safe speed on ice and snow (45mph/70km/h or less) and evade abrupt braking, quickening or turns, you won't have to stress over remedying anything - a vastly improved result. The higher the speed, the more troublesome it is to address a slide. Most slides or fishtails that occur above 45mph (70km/h) require snappy and exact controlling to solve and are past the capacity of most drivers to effectively manage.


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    As those created time lapse photography of motorists try and make it up an ice coated hill when many spun-out as they had to make a three point turn and take another route.

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