Iraqi Forces Capture Village South of Qayyarah Following Islamic State Car Bombing

StoryfulPublished: January 13, 2017Updated: January 14, 20172 views
Published: January 13, 2017Updated: January 14, 2017

Following a three-day stall in the Mosul offensive due to poor weather conditions, Iraqi forces captured the village of Kanaos, located south of Qayyarah, on December 6, after 48 hours of clashes with local Islamic State fighters.

This video, released by the Islamic State-affiliated Amaq News, purports to show Islamic State fighters inside Kanaos attempting to fend off nearby Iraqi forces before a suicide car bomb can be seen exploding off in the distance. <a href="" target="_blank">Media reports</a> say that one Iraqi soldier was killed and at least three others were wounded in the car bombing attack.

Unnamed Iraqi security officials <a href="" target="_blank">told the media</a> that numerous streets in Kanaos had been previously booby-trapped by local IS fighters, while a number of Korans were also booby-trapped in front of the doors of a number of houses.

While the area is more than 60 miles south of Mosul, remaining IS elements in southern portions of the Nineveh province near Qayyarah, which represents a crossroads between the Salahuddin, Kirkuk, and Nineveh Provinces, pose an ongoing threat to Iraqi forces operating along the southern axis of the Mosul offensive.

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