Clashes Reported Near Aleppo Citadel as Regime Claims Capture of Additional Territory

StoryfulPublished: January 13, 20173 views
Published: January 13, 2017

As forces loyal to the Assad regime claimed the capture of several Aleppo neighborhoods on December 7, including Bab al-Nirab, Farafra, and Old Aleppo, Syrian rebels reported heavy clashes in the area surrounding the historic Aleppo Citadel.

This video, released by the First Brigade, a Syrian rebel group affiliated with Jaish al-Fateh, shows rebels firing what appear to be B9 rockets towards pro-regime forces inside the Old Aleppo neighborhood. Following the purported capture of the aforementioned areas, a number of Syrian rebels fled towards southeastern parts of the city that remain under rebel control, including al-Kallassa, al-Jalum, and Bustan al-Qasr, according to <a href="" target="_blank">opposition media reports</a>.

Hours prior, the myriad rebel groups inside Aleppo issued a <a href="" target="_blank">statement</a> proposing an immediate five-day ceasefire, the evacuation of civilians requiring emergency medical treatment, and safe passageway for additional civilians to the northern countryside of Aleppo. If aforementioned conditions were met, the statement suggests that all parties concerned “can negotiate the future of the city.” At this stage there has been no response from the Syrian regime, Iran, or Russia regarding the proposed ceasefire.

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