Cute Penguins Dressed In Santa Costumes Parade In Matsue Vogel Park

StoryfulPublished: January 13, 2017336 views
Published: January 13, 2017

As Christmas approaches one park is letting their penguins strut their stuff dressed in festive outfits. A flock of penguins dressed in Christmas outfits is bringing festive cheer to people visiting a Japanese park.

Visitors at Matsue Vogel Park, in Shimane, Japan, were honored with a penguin Christmas parade where six of the adorable birds were seen wrapped up in red and white Santa outfits “ringing their bells” and waddling in different directions as the bird keeper tries to keep them in line along the park streets.

As the penguins strolled, visitors grabbed their phones and took as many photos and videos as they could from these tiny adorable creatures.

The clip of the cute spectacle, which was posted on Facebook, had over 94,000 likes and it has proved to be a hit on the social media.

While some admired the idea of cheering people up during the holiday time, others questioned the treatment of the penguins saying that dressing the animals up was "cruel" act. One user wrote: "This is not cute, poor things haven't got a choice here, ditch the jackets and let them be natural cute penguins." Another viewer added: "Disgusting… these are or should be wild birds not toys!"

However, the birds are a popular part of the park and this is not the first time they have been dressed up before going on a little parade.

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