Oregon Zoo Animals Enjoy Playing In The Snow

StoryfulPublished: January 13, 201775,929 views
Published: January 13, 2017

Most of Portland got a snow day and the animals at the Oregon Zoo made the most of the wintry conditions by frolicking in the cold. Watch Nora the polar bear and some sea otters enjoy playing covered in the white blanket at the zoo. Adorable!

A massive winter storm settled over Portland, Oregon, dumping a foot of snow on the city. This delightful footage of animals playing in the snow is hearthwarming. It starts off with the polar bear named Nora. Watch as the large mammal rolls around in the piles of white fluffy snow with abandon. Later, we see that otters and harbor seals are similarly thrilled with the cool temperatures and love playing outside.

These adorable animals don’t seem to mind the exotic ground cover, taking the thick snowfall as an opportunity to play and toss the flakes around. Cuteness overload!

Oregon Zoo animals made the most of wintry conditions in Portland by enjoying a snow day. This mesmerizing footage shows features the sweet polar bear, the harbor seals and the sea otters all happily frolicking in the fresh snowfall. They are clearly in their element, excitedly rolling around in the pillow-soft powder.

Watching these animals having a blast in the snow gives us the resemblance of children excited for their trip to Disneyland or of Alice visiting Wonderland. Who would have thought that animals can actually have fun in the snow. They act like little children and are overjoyed with excitement. Amazing!

It is adorable to witness the moment when these zoo animals enjoy themselves in the snowstorm that dusted the city of Portland and make the most of it. They know how to have fun!

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