Mama Python Protects Her Eggs From Keeper

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Rumble - In an Instagram video posted on September 15, a snake keeper proved why stealing snake eggs requires expertise.

Jay Brewer is the founder of Prehistoric Pets, a store specializing in snakes, lizards and other reptiles. For healthy breeding purposes, Brewer moves the snake eggs away from the mother and into a separate crate, but when he tried to do this with one of the larger snakes, she tried to attack him.

The reason why the experts at Prehistoric Pets remove the clutches of eggs from under the mothers is because of breeding purposes. In the wild, perfect eggs don’t always mean that they will all hatch, because they need constant temperatures and humidity in order to hatch perfect, healthy baby snakes.

Those conditions are maintained artificially in incubators, but those eggs need to get there somewhere and these reptilian mothers have no idea they are in captivity; they still think they are in the wild, where their eggs would be stolen for food, instead of preserving their species.

This particular female has a long strike range, meaning that she won’t hesitate to stretch nice and long to protect her babies. So Jay uses a hook to gently nudge her head away and reach that clutch of eggs from underneath her. It is her first clutch and she is already an excellent mother.

Check out the full video of Jay relocating the eggs and the mom defending them. Educational and entertaining!


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