Regime Video Shows Civilians Flee Besieged Aleppo Neighborhood

StoryfulPublished: January 13, 2017Updated: January 14, 20171 views
Published: January 13, 2017Updated: January 14, 2017

As ceasefire and evacuation plans in besieged Aleppo <a href="" target="_blank">remained rocky</a> on December 14, forces loyal to the Assad regime clashed with rebels in Jisr al-Hajj, near Bustan al-Qasir, a recently captured area by the regime.

The video purports to show Syrian troops escorting civilians past the Jisr al-Hajj Roundabout towards the Bustan al-Qasir neighborhood, which lies just north of the besieged part of the city. Several civilians, purportedly “liberated residents of Aleppo” are filmed telling stories of human rights abuses carried out by rebel groups.

<a href="" target="_blank">Independent media reports</a> said that at least seven civilians were killed in the crossfire during attempts to cross towards Bustan al-Qasir, however, Storyful could not independently verify such claims.

At the time of writing, activists inside besieged southern Aleppo <a href="" target="_blank">claim</a> that the ceasefire is holding overnight; however many have <a href="" target="_blank">doubted</a> the likelihood that evacuations will begin as planned at 08:00 local time on December 15.

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