Boarder Hanging By A Strap Gets Unforgettable Rescue

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Published: January 13, 2017

This is the intense moment when an inexperienced border got stuck on a ski lift and it resulted in him handing by a strap. We know for a certain fact that many who take a ride on a ski lift fear to get stuck. Watch this footage as the man gets a very unique rescue!

Skiers on the lift on Mount Ashland, Oregon noticed something peculiar on the lift. It turned out that someone made a bad decision at the worst possible time and was left hanging by the strap of his snowboard!

A man named Curtis Neill captured this chilling footage of a snowboarder who was hanging for his dear life several feet above the snow and shared it on his facebook profile, where it was seen over 27,000 times. Apparently, the guy wanted to take the weight of his board off himself, but clipped the safety leach on the chair and slipped. He was hanging there for some time before staff reached him and climbed one of the poles to pull him down.

One of the staff can be seen tugging at the leash of the boot straps, while the poor sap held on the maintenance stairs. A few seconds later he was set free and descended to solid ground.

If you wanted to ask him how he feels now, you can’t, because according to Hiram Towle, the general manager of Mt. Ashland Ski Area, the poor guy would like to remain anonymous. "He was embarrassed," Towle said. "The snowboarder actually clipped himself to the moving piece of equipment. He said that his legs were tired.”

Snowboard leashes are intended to stop runaway boards from striking other guests and are required by law under the Oregon Skier Statute.

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