Drone Footage Shows Sacramento Weir Open

StoryfulPublished: January 13, 2017320 views
Published: January 13, 2017

Authorities opened the Sacramento Weir this week to help alleviate flooding potential further down the Sacramento River. This video gives an aerial view of the gates on Wednesday, January 11, after they were opened for the first time in 11 years.

The first of the gates were opened early on Tuesday, <a href="http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2017/01/10/sacramento-weir-opened/" target="_blank">according to a report</a>, and more were expected to be opened over the next few days. The Sacramento region was hit with heavy rain last weekend, causing rivers to swell and trigger flooding in some areas.

The weir system takes water from the river and directs it to the Yolo Bypass. It is the only manually operated weir in the Sacramento River system.

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