Irish Guys Impersonating Conor McGregor Get Interrupted By Conor McGregor

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Published: January 13, 2017Updated: January 14, 2017

It seems that this UFC star doesn’t just exchange fists with faces. While taking a stroll through Dublin, the 27-year-old fighter managed to “break up” a fight between two blokes who were trying to impersonate him. The two guys were staging a mock fight and impersonating Conor McGregor on the street and got startled when their Christmas party shenanigans were interrupted by none other than McGregor himself.

Mark and Patrick, employees at Human Centred Movement, a fledgling Dublin startup that teaches people how to achieve pain-free mobility through movement, were shouting an often-quoted McGregor phrase, “You’ll do nothing,” as they pretended to fight on the evening on December 23. Dublin native McGregor then rolled up in his black Cadillac Escalade with a friend and stopped near where the two friends were mock-fighting. Hearing his famous shout, he called them from the inside of the car to the surprise and delight of Mark and Patrick, who fist-bumped with the UFC icon.

Mark, seeing McGregor as a shining example of what their business promotes, said they “were only chuffed to get to meet one of their idols.”

Viewers of the clip are still convinced that the entire meet was just an elaborate PR set up, but Dublin locals claim that the location is on a route that leads to McGregor’s home, so he often passes this street, which is also where all the nightclubs in Dublin are.

Are you familiar with the story of Conor McGregor? Born in a working class family whose father was a cab driver, Conor was actually bullied a lot at school. The reason? He was way shorter than the other kids.

MMA was not the first sport he got into. In fact, Conor got into football, or soccer to the rest of us, when he was very young. But it was there that he realised that he got more into fights than scoring goals. That is when, at age 12, he got into his very first love, boxing, to relieve the stress. He would work as a plumber during the day and train very hard at night. His father disapproved of the sport, which got Conor into a serious fight with his dad, eventually telling him “You will be sorry when I become a millionaire at 25.”

He spent a long time broke and alone, until he met the person who will be there to love and support him in his dream. Dee Devlin would cook, clean and pack his gym bag and do everything she possibly could, just so that Conor could focus all his energy on his fighting. Conor would later say about his girlfriend: “Despite the lack of money, she tried to get me to eat right, drove to the gym and would listen to my dreams.”

The couple could barely survive for 5 years on the 1300 pounds Conor made a year. But even those harsh training session at a gold gym in the dead of winter didn’t stop him. With his consistent hard work, Conor McGregor defeated some of the greatest fighters of today. His actions and approach to fight promotion has gained him comparisons to Muhammad Ali.

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