Learner Driver Gets Helping Hand From Police in Heavy Traffic

Storyful Published January 13, 2017 2 Plays

Rumble A learner driver publicly thanked a police officer who helped him navigate busy holiday traffic on Christmas Eve, saying it helped him avoid a 30-minute delay and arrive at work on time.

Shubam Grover was motorbiking to work along Marsh Street near Sydney’s international airport at about 7am when he became stuck behind one lane of traffic, unable to join the other lane. In footage viewed more than 4000 times, a police officer on another motorcycle stops the oncoming vehicles to allow Grover safe passage.

Grover issued a message to the <span class="caps">NSW</span> Police Force traffic and highway patrol team, saying: “Thanks for helping me get to the airport on time for work this morning! I’m a learner rider and can’t filter through traffic.”