Kitten Fascinated By First Sight Of Snow

StoryfulPublished: January 13, 201724,538 views
Published: January 13, 2017

Watching snow fall is just so enchanting. The first one of the season is always the most magical. Snow might lose some of its glitter after you get buried in the stuff one too many times. But, animals can show us that they are still in the “honeymoon stage” of their relationship with snow. While seeing it for the first time and introducing themselves with the white glitter, all they can see is fun and it can do no wrong.

Snow was widespread in Europe on January 13, and in the days before. For this German kitten, the floating white stuff was, according to its owner, a new experience. The kitty is clearly fascinated.

The white fluffy flurries fall to the ground like there can be nothing bad in the world and the kitten in smitten with them! Given cats’ fascination with all things that move, especially tiny, tiny things like snowflakes, it is no wonder that the gorgeous Russian Blue cat wanted to jump out the window and catch them all. Now that we thought about it, they are like Pokemons for cats!

Well, not for all cats, because we do know of at least one cat that nope right outta there the moment his paws touched the stuff! Frank’s hunting instinct kicks in as soon as his paw touches the frozen stuff on the ground. The snow creaks, tickling his curiosity further, but every time the cat tries to catch whatever is causing the sound, it seems to move away!

It doesn’t take long for the cold and wet feeling to reach Frank’s brain, so as soon as he gets the shivers, Frank changes his mind and runs back home. So much for winter wonderland!

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