Crying Toddler Not Impressed By Snow

StoryfulPublished: January 13, 2017332 views
Published: January 13, 2017

Winter is coming so some kids cannot wait for the first snow and timely plan their outdoor activities. Of course, not all kids are delighted by the appearance of snow in the winter months.
Sometimes parents seem to be much more excited by the snow so they decide to dress up their children for the cold weather temperatures outside and enjoy a nice little family adventure in the snow. This can sometimes include snowball fights, building a snowman or just making angels in the snow.

However, this little girl is so upset by the cold white stuff called "snow" that she couldn’t even utter a word without bursting into tears.
Her mom asks her "Do you like the snow?" and of course the answer is a big crying "Nooo!", "Can you say snooow?" to which the girl responds with a very angry crying "Noooo".
It is so adorable to see this girl trapped in the white powder under her feet, trying to avoid the little frozen snowflakes that start entering her mouth as she opens her mouth to cry out loud.

The mom has equipped the girl with all the necessary gear to become the next snowball fighter professional or the new generation mastermind of snowman's adventures, but she nonetheless decides to protest against the cold weather and wants to take a rain check with her mother's crazy idea to take her outside to play with all this white.
We find that adults enjoy doing activities in the snow more than kids do.

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