Turkish Artillery Shelling Reported in Kurdish-Controlled City of Manbij

Storyful Published January 13, 2017

Rumble Amid the ongoing sectarian tensions between Syria-based Turkish military forces and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, Manbij residents reported that several Turkish artillery shells hit the city’s western Baharat District on January 1.

<a href="http://anfpersian.com/khrdstn/twpbrn-mnbj-z-swy-rtsh-gsb-trkhyae" target="_blank">Kurdish media reports</a> said that two civilians were wounded in the artillery fire, which took place in the vicinity of the Doctor Mohammad Hassan Barkal Hospital, the city’s biggest medical facility.

The Turkish military has yet to comment on the incident, which, if confirmed, would mark the first Turkish shelling of Manbij since the Islamic State fled the area in <a href="https://newswire.storyful.com/storylines/*/stories/138570" target="_blank">August 2016</a>.