Selena Gomez UNFOLLOWED by Bella Hadid Over The Weeknd Romance

HollyscoopPublished: January 12, 201740 views
Published: January 12, 2017

It’s the battle of the besties! Selena Gomez is waging a major war with some of her closest friends. If you haven’t heard by now, Selena and the Weeknd were spotted outside an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, CA totally swapping spit and hanging all over each other, or rather, Selena was hanging all over him! If this news surprises you, join the club. We thought Bella Hadid and the Weeknd were back together after their brief breakup in November. Candid photos of the Weeknd and Selena got out and spread like wildfire, and you know Bella Hadid totally caught sight of them. Not even a full 24 hours passed before Bella did what every pissed off celebrity does, she UN-FOLLOWED Selena on Instagram. Now you may be asking yourself, “Why does this matter??? Who cares that she unfollowed her? Let her live her life!” Well it matters because this is the most non- public yet public way a celebrity can throw shade and get the point across that THEY. ARE. PISSED!!!! To add more insult to injury, GiGi Hadid is noticeably absent from Selena’s social media friends. Now, we can’t say for sure they followed each other prior to this, but my hypothesis is: If Selena and GiGi were BFF’s (which they were) and they both have popular media accounts, then they were totally following each other. GiGi and Selena used to be best friends, taking trips together, instagram photos together, laughing, partying, even playing badasses in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video together. Seems like Selena might be starting her own bad blood war with the Hadid sisters, but what’s really shocking is that The Weeknd supposedly has always thought Selena was extremely talented and sexy. The two shared the stage at the 2015 Victoria’s secret fashion show, and the sparks seemed to … spread their wings and fly! But what will happen to THE SQAUD?? Whose side will T-Swift take? What craziness is going to unfold from this new fling between Selena and the Weeknd? Also, will ‘Seleeknd’ or ‘Welena’ be their couple nickname?? So many questions!! Tell us what you think about the bad blood between Bella Hadid and Selena in the comments section below.

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