Chris Brown and Soulja Boy Will Fight in Dubai, and Here's WHY

HollyscoopPublished: January 10, 20177 views
Published: January 10, 2017

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are taking their internet fight to the ring. Like literally. These two artists are going to hash out their differences in a boxing match. This is kinda strange but at the same time, highly entertaining. Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are ready to fight. We knew that already. Have you seen their social accounts lately? But now the artists are taking it to the next level. TMZ reports that Chris and Soulja are gearing up for a fight in Dubai - and you’ll be able to watch via pay per view. Apparently a fight in Vegas, a bit closer to home, is out of the question because the US requires a mandatory drug test - which both parties know they won’t pass. So Dubai it is - and both Chris and Soulja boy are gearing up for the right with some pretty heavy hitters. In Fact, Chris has enlisted the help of boxing legend Mike Tyson, who confirmed his involvement on Instagram. Soulja is reportedly getting training from Floyd Mayweather. But here’s the crazy thing. We know these two have been fighting but Soulja says at the end of the day, he and Chris are friends. So if this fight is all for show, are they going to donate the profits from this fight to charity like previously reported? Well, sources say much of the money will be donated, but Soulja and Chris will likely get a huge payout as well. As for if this will impress Rihanna and Karrechue Tran, the women these two are seemingly fighting over, well that’s still open for debate. What do you think? You gonna tune in? Let us know in the comments below.

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