This Woman Uses Over 120 Balloons For a Fascinating Gender Reveal

Published January 9, 2017 363,338 Views $1,386.38 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsGender reveals have become really popular these days. The bigger, the better. Parents are getting more creative about the big announcement of the gender of the baby. It’s complete shock for somebody and complete joy for others. Finding out the gender of your baby is always one of the most anticipated parts of any pregnancy. It changes the list of names to choose from, the clothes you buy, and for some parents, the color scheme of the baby’s room. This mama is going to announce their third baby girl.

She wanted to do something different for her husband since it is their last baby. They had the verification test done at 11 weeks and the doctor called while her husband was at work. So this pregnant wife blew up 120 balloons and set up a surprise for her husband. The surprise on his face is priceless when he sees all the balloons and finds out that he is having another girl! Can you image three girls? Adorable and heart-warming! She was worried that he would be disappointed about having another girl but in the end he was thrilled and looking forward to this interesting adventure!

The most precious moment was the gift from his wife, a onesie that says “Daddy little princess”. Congratulation dad as you will have a lot of daddy–daughter dances, nail polish, and pretty dresses, and maybe teaching the girls how to break away from an opponent’s grip on the soccer field.

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