Clark's take on Macy’s and Sears closings

Published January 5, 2017 22,337 Plays

Rumble After Macy’s and Sears announced new store closures for 2017, here’s what Clark says you need to know.


  • dhginmb, 3 years ago

    These two store closures are more about poor customer service than anything else! Both stores should stop blaming the customer/internet for lack of sales, etc., and address the real issue, which is their refusal to support and honor their customers. One can research the internet and immediately find THOUSANDS of instances of customer abuse similar to my own.In my case I stopped shopping at Sears 5 years ago when they refused to stand behind product sold even after parts were proven to be defective. About 2 years ago I gave up on Macy's after they lost my payment and then refused to correct their records choosing instead to ding my credit and then harass me for late fees and interest fees.They didn’t consider that I have never one time been late or missed a payment. I always paid balance and on time so as not to pay interest fees or late fees (maybe that’s what they didn’t like?). I know they received payment and lost it because my change of address, which was in the same envelope as my check, was processed. I myself said after each occurrence that eventually these stores will close due to poor customer service and that is exactly what is happening. We the customer has been dropping off one by one. Do these executives ever research the internet? Are their heads so far in the sand that they are really this clueless? We have Sears making money by pressuring customers to use their repair person to fix a defective product. Macy’s “losing” payments and assessing fees knowing that the customer will pay in order to avoid their credit tarnished month after month. I had been a long standing customer with both companies for at least 30 years.This is what happens after customers grow tired of being abused by Sears and Macy's and choose to speak with their wallets.

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